Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Choice Bites 6.21.2011

Why is it not surprising that America's Next Great Restaurant, Soul Daddy, has closed two of its three locations (NY and LA) after only one month?

Martha Stewart is getting her own comic book. Now that's someone I'd like to see team up with Spider-Man or the X-Men!

Ruth Reichl dishes about Top Chef Masters and winner Floyd Cardoz' experience on the show at Gilt Taste. Apparently there was lots of petty backbiting behind the scenes. Who knew?

I have nasturtiums growing in my herb garden, but there are plenty more edible flowers. Find a slide show with recipes at Epicurious.

I always enjoy reading the Grub Street Diet to see what famous/semi-famous/famous in their own mind people eat. Scroll down and you'll find Chefs Mario Batali, Gabrielle Hamilton, and Marco Canora.

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