About Minxeats

Minxeats, the blog, was started in 2005 after I (Kathy, aka the minx) determined that writing about food was more fun than writing about knitting. (Yes, my first blog was a knitting blog. They were popular at the time!) In the early days, I tried to post multiple times a week, and when I decided it was too much for one person, I enlisted my husband (Neal, or Mr Minx) to help out. He's the strong, silent, type though, providing moral support rather than actual text most of the time.

Minxeats has never had a formula. It's not a recipe blog. It's not a review blog. Yet, it's both, with bonus content. It's whatever the hell we wanted it to be. And it still is. You won't find a dozen photos of the same dish taken from as many angles here, and recipe posts will have a lot of chatter before you get to the recipe. (Deal with it.) Sometimes we'll go months without posting, then post regularly for a while. We are busy professional people with jobs and not a ton of free time, though we're always eating and always have something to say. Yes, we know both the recipes and reviews pages need updating, and hopefully we'll get around to it someday soon. 

If you are a longtime reader, thank you, and we hope you'll continue to hang around. If you're new, welcome! Please leave comments and share posts. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, too.

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