Monday, January 11, 2010

Hot Buttered Rum

In the late 80s, my family started a new tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve (possibly because Mom never could wait to hand out gifts). Because our house was so big, we set up the tree in the hallway near the front door to make sure everyone could gaze upon its Santa-festooned glory and mountain of gaily-wrapped packages on a frequent basis. The hallway was always drafty (as was the whole house) so I came up with the brilliant idea of drinking hot buttered rum as we tore through the wrappings. We all enjoyed the warm, creamy libation - particularly my Cocker Spaniel. I had set my mug on the floor behind me and didn't notice that he had consumed several ounces of rummy goodness. Within minutes, he became a mean little drunk, snarling at the family and eventually hiding under a chair in the living room, far from the rest of us. (He apparently liked a good stiff drink on occasion and had once helped himself to a Pimm's Cup during a croquet party held on the front lawn.) While not recommended for your canine friends, I do recommend that grownups partake of a nice steaming mug-full of hot buttered rum on a cold day. I like to keep a tub of "mix" ready in the freezer - just add rum and boiling water. Hot Buttered Rum  

For each drink 
1 1/2 ounces rum
2 tablespoons hot buttered rum mix (recipe below)
boiling water
freshly grated nutmeg

Add rum and rum mix to a standard 10-ounce mug and top with boiling water. Stir together and garnish with nutmeg.

Hot Buttered Rum Mix
1 lb softened butter
1 lb powdered sugar
1 lb brown sugar
2 teaspoons cinnamon
1 teaspoon nutmeg
1 quart softened vanilla ice cream

Cream all ingredients together and store in a covered container in the freezer.


Kate said...

One of my most damning stories involves hot buttered rum. You've already heard it, so I'm not going to tell it here. And I seem to remember wearing that Pimm's Cup, or another, after said cocker spaniel knocked it over, all down the side of my skirt. Ah, fun times! :o)

LoveFeast Table said...

um....that looks like a great theme for our snowy white minnesota winter! never tried on my list. ~Chris Ann