Friday, January 15, 2010

Recipe Roundup 1.15.2010

Here's a selection of recipes I've found while nosing around on teh Innerwebs. Haven't tried them yet, but don't they look good?



  1. Bacon salted caramel pecan bars? Ewwww...

  2. Kristine11:29 AM

    I made the Banh Mi burger last night (with a few substitutions-beef for bison, lemon grass herb for fresh, and I just spiced regular Hellman's mayo with all the other ingredients less the egg-I was lazy). Made the slaw this weekend. It was really, really good. I will definitely make it again using fresh lemon grass and make the mayo. I think I can get bison, so I may have to try it. Definitely recommend this one. Thanks for the post.


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