Monday, January 25, 2010

How the Mighty Have Fallen

I spoke of a local once-celebrity chef who owed me money in this post from 2006 (he still owes, btw). He's now working an angle he calls "advanced dining concepts," which basically means he's serving meals in a trailer. Check out this tacky-ass shit for yourself. (Warning: it's an eye-searingly ugly Powerpoint presentation.)

With the exception of some random fruit, please notice that there are no photos of food in this presentation.

Nice plates. :::eyeroll:::


Lesley said...

That has got to be one of the worst presentations I've *ever* seen! Photos out of focus, and some of the sizing ratios made them look like they were taken in the FunHouse Room of Mirrors! Absolutely horrid.

Mr. Minx said...

Nothing says romance like seeing a giant trailer pull up in front of your house and having an intimate dinner in said trailer while neighbors stare in through the windows. Good Lord!

Wendi said...

Even with the warning, that power point was frightening. Frightening I tell you.

LauraK said...

Your warning was insufficient. That is a seriously tacky presentation and a terrible concept for a "business."

I am wondering if there is somewhere I can nominate this for the "worst powerpoint slideshow ever created."

BaltimoreGal said...

That is beyond appalling.
Imagine somebody proposing in that trailer?

stacey said...

You don't like your strawberries served with italian parsley and yellow squash?