Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Choice Bites 8.4.10

Gwyneth Paltrow has written a cookbook, called My Father's Daughter. Hard to believe someone so slim actually eats, much less cooks, but apparently she eats what she wants in between movies, and then diets and exercises her ass off to get back into shape. Read more about in this article by Jeffrey Steingarten.

One of my favorite blogs is Serious Eats. It's pretty all-encompassing, and much more than a mere "blog." It might be the only foodie site anyone really needs. Check out this "A Hamburger Today" post in which Kenji Alt displays a lot of dedication and attention to detail in sussing out the recipe for the rare and elusive (to us East Coasters) In-and-Out Burger.

Do you subscribe to Tasting Table newsletters? Well, you should! They always have at least one interesting tidbit of information or recipe per day, more if you subscribe to multiple editions, as I do.

Then there's New Asian, home to everything relating to Asian cuisine. They have a newsletter, too.

Would you eat a tapeworm to lose weight? Apparently opera singer Maria Callas did. Find out 24 other odd facts about What the Great Ate here.

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