Thursday, August 18, 2011

Some Thoughts on Rocco's Dinner Party

While at times I enjoyed watching Rocco's Dinner Party, there were many occasions when I found myself watching the clock, instead. Overall, the show was a good idea, with fine production values (although that loft set was plug-ugly), but the repetitiveness grew tiresome after several weeks.

Should the powers that be at Bravo decide that Rocco's Dinner Party deserves a second season, I have some suggestions to improve the show.
  1. Ten episodes is far too many; six or eight would be plenty.
  2. Part of the reason that ten shows were too many is that the first 20 minutes of every episode was essentially the same. Rocco even said the same things ("you on a plate," "I can learn a lot about you from this plate," etc.) every week. While the Signature Dish challenge seems like it's an important part of the show, I think it can be dispensed with, by...
  3. ...having only two chefs compete each week. Assign the theme right away and let them cook. However....
  4. ...scenes in the kitchen should take up only half of the show. Spend the rest of the time in the dining room, with the guests. Presumably, they are interesting people with interesting things to say. If not, don't invite them to participate. That brings me to number 5...
  5. Invite interesting guests. The general viewing public (like me, for instance) doesn't care about furniture salesmen or New York celebrities. If you must include relative nobodies, then at least make them Bravolebrities. Face it - most viewers will probably also be watching other shows on Bravo and be familiar with their casts. A couple of Top Chefs, Kathy Griffin, Jeff Lewis, that loudmouth Matchmaker chick, and a "prostitution who-ah" or two would spice things up considerably. Not to mention well-known actors and singers.
  6. Tell Rocco to be less imperious. If he's such a great and powerful chef, why the hell isn't he in the kitchen? 
My favorite suggestion, which would cause viewership and ratings to sky-rocket, isn't possibly do-able - at least not in this imperfect world. It was suggested to me by Samantha Bee, who used it as a joke toward the end of her episode:

      7.  Put the losing chef in cement overshoes and toss him in the East River.

Hey Bravo - are you listening?

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