Wednesday, August 01, 2012

More Food Trucks!

The stream of food trucks cruising Baltimore City seems never ending. And that's a good thing. Recently several more popped up, including Noodlerolla. While it doesn't sell noodles, it does serve Korean/Japanese fusion lunches including this "banto" box filled with chicken, rice, pickles, dumplings, and California roll.

Even better is the Korean burrito filled with bulgogi beef or marinated short ribs and a dash of kimchi.

And then there's my new favorite truck, Busia's Kitchen. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the candy-striped truck outside my building. "Busia" is an Americanized-Polish name for "grandma," and I was excited that a truck would serve the cuisine of my people. I tried a sampler of three items of my choice (a fist-sized pierog, a potato pancake, and one of the stuffed cabbage rolls called "golombki").

They were all pretty terrific, very grandma-style. I was impressed and very pleased. For those folks who aren't quite ready to experience the food of Poland (wimps), there are egg salad and tarragon chicken salad sandwiches and a very un-Slavic Mediterranean chicken pita.

Another truck making the rounds is Karlita's, which serves Latino food like burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. I had a steak quesadilla that was very simply made with lots of melty cheese and found it to be extremely satisfying. Next time I'm trying a burrito, or maybe the tacos. Or maybe something else will catch my eye.

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