Thursday, September 23, 2010

Top Chef Just Desserts

Hey, faithful readers - I won't be recapping Just Desserts here because I need a break, especially since Top Chef season 8 is rumored to start immediately after Just Desserts ends in November.

I will, however, be doing a recap of sorts (sans images) on the All Top Chef blog, make sure to visit me there every Thursday.

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  1. I just read that new season starts on December 1st and it's an All Star cast!

    • Elia Aboumrad, season two (final four)
    • Stephen Asprinio, season one (top five)
    • Richard Blais, season four (finalist)
    • Jennifer Carroll, season six (final four)
    • Tiffany Derry, season seven (top five)
    • Tiffani Faison, season one (finalist)
    • Carla Hal, season five (finalist)
    • Mike Isabella, season six (top seven)
    • Jamie Lauren, season five (top seven)
    • Dale Levitski, season three (finalist)
    • Antonia Lofaso, season four (final four)
    • Spike Mendelsohn, season four (top five)
    • Angelo Sosa, season seven (finalist)
    • Dale Talde, season four (top six)
    • Casey Thompson, season three (finalist and fan favorite)
    • Marcel Vigneron, season two (finalist)
    • Fabio Viviani, season five (final four and fan favorite)
    • Tre Wilcox, season three (top eight)

    This should be a good one!


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