Monday, September 21, 2009

Eating New York - Schnipper's Quality Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago, Mr Minx and I sat through an episode of Bobby Flay's Throwdown in which he challenges the owners of Schnipper's Quality Kitchen to a sloppy Joe-down. Both Bobby's spicy version and Schnipper's winning version looked good, and reminded me that I haven't eaten a sloppy Joe in decades. My mom used to use a can of Campbell's Chicken Gumbo soup in her recipe, which was something like this. I can still taste it!

Since we Minxes were going to NY for Fashion Week, and Schnipper's is a mere two blocks from Bryant Park, we decided to experience their sloppy Joes for lunch.

The amply-sized sandwiches were extremely messy to eat (and properly so). The buns were nice and squooshy, and the meat was well-seasoned without being spicy. During Throwdown, the Schnippers alluded to a "secret ingredient" that was a thin brownish liquid. It resembled fish sauce, but was probably cola. In any case, we couldn't discern its true identity.

The fries were disappointing, rather bland and mealy inside.

Here's Mr Minx outside the restaurant, just in case you don't believe me. :)

For dinner that evening, we chose an Indian restaurant in our neighborhood, Darbar. I was feeling experimental so tried goat bhuna. I've never eaten goat, so didn't know what to expect. I thought it might be lamb-like, but it seemed more like pork in that it was somewhat fatty and very mildly flavored. Mr Minx had the Chicken Mango, which had a sauce reminiscent of mango chutney, without the vinegar punch. We had the "meat snack platter" appetizer, naan, and rice, and after those sloppy Joes we couldn't finish our entrées. Our hotel room had a kitchenette, so we doggy bagged the leftovers, only to find that there were no utensils, pots, pans, or dishes in the room. But there was a dishwasher and a stove. What's the point of that?

Anyhoo...a tasty meal, although Indian food in Baltimore is several dollars less-expensive.

Schnipper's Quality Kitchen
620 8th Avenue

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152 E 46th St
New York, NY 10017
(212) 681-4500

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David Dust said...

And Schnipper's is the perfect place to watch PapiHookers ply their trade across the street at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Or so I've been told...


theminx said...

Well, *I* wouldn't know anything about that!