Thursday, August 06, 2009

Scotch Eggs

This is Top Chef Masters finalist Art Smith's version of a Scotch egg. It was deemed undercooked and thoroughly unenjoyable by the critics. I think it looks like the best thing in the photo - certainly more attractive than the burnt sweet potato fries, limp greens, and "tomato tart." (The latter seems a bit masticated, or maybe even digested.)

I've had a couple of Scotch eggs in my day, and can't say they're the most delectable creations. The sausage is normally dry and the egg is overcooked. However, the Cajun-inspired version described here sounds pretty yummy. I like the idea of a soft-boiled egg, rather than a hard-boiled one (because few people hard-boil eggs properly), and I think any kind of sausage would work. Kinda makes me want to experiment with it myself sometime soon.

Who around these here parts likes Scotch eggs? Where have you eaten them? Have you tried the nasty dry bombs at Bertha's?


Chris said...

Despite being of Scottish heritage, I have never eaten a Scotch Egg. I'm not even sure I know what one is, exactly!

Jojo said...

I grew up in a small village in England - so have had many scotch eggs. There's a woman in the village (my ex's mom) who makes them perfectly, the egg is still moist, the sausage cooked perfectly and has the a light brown crust on the outside. They were so good I went home and tried to make them - disaster! The problem is getting the sausage meet cooked all the way through withough cremating the outside or them ending up a big greasy mess! Have been wanting to try to make them again - found this recipe on bbc food:
although I'm a little skittish after the last attempt - it's not often that recipes don't work for me and trust me it was horrible! Let us know if you have any success!