Monday, August 24, 2009

Jeffrey Saad, the Spice Smuggler

Apparently there was quite the clamor for runner-up Jeffrey Saad after Melissa D'Arabian was announced as the winner of The Next Food Network Star. So much so that TFN has given him a little Web show called The Spice Smuggler (better than the Ingredient Smuggler, don't you think? Leaves so much less to the imagination. "Hey - is that a ridged gourd in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?")

So far, four videos are up on the main TFNS page of, but here are direct links to each episode:

Tacos with anise seed
5-spice stir-fry chicken soup
Smoked paprika lasagna
Garam masala chicken pot pie

For goodness' sake, give the guy his own show!


Dannelle said...

sometimes second is best- I really wanted J to win!

Miss Ginger Grant said...

I like him better than the cheerleader mom... she was like a Sandra Lee/"God, have I mentioned today how much I hate Rachel Ray" knock off!

andy1621 said...

I'm thinking like the previous poster.

Jeffrey is much more interesting; he appeals to the cooking enthusiast who wants something more adventurous than another "working mom on a budget meals in-less than a half-hour" type program.

He deserves his own show.

Lynda said...

I so wanted to see more of Jeff's creative cooking. I have tried to like Melissa's show but can't see any connection to her style and the under $10 theme she has. Jeff is so much more interesting. I watched the season again and still wanted to see more of Jeff even if the judges thought Melissa was 'ready'. She just is not fun to watch. I want Jeff!