Friday, January 04, 2019

Best of 2018, part 1

Once more, Minxeats counts down the best restaurant and home-cooked dishes of the previous year. In this post, we're doing restaurant food, and with the help of Instagram.

In no particular order, some of the best dishes of the year were...

The salt and pepper squid from Grace Garden is always a winner.

...and I never go wrong ordering a bulgogi burrito from the Koco food truck.

These carrots from Avenue Kitchen + Bar really rocked my world... did this lobster roll from Luke's Lobster at the Plaza Hotel in NY.

The Korean BBQ cauliflower from Stall 11 in R House lived up to expectations.

Any pizza from Paulie Gee's is good, but we especially enjoyed the one topped with bbq brisket.

The soft shell crabs at Gertrude's did not disappoint!

HarborQue's big-ass brisket sandwich, purchased at the farmer's market near work, was a meal and a half.

The Paris-Brest at Chez Hugo was perhaps my favorite dessert all year.

Shitty photo, I know, but it was kinda dark in Minetta Tavern where I ate this perfect Minetta burger. Expensive, but worth it. Pro tip: go late, after 10pm, to avoid the tourists.

I eat a lot of wings, and the mole-glazed confit chicken wings at Hamilton Tavern were among the best I ate in 2018.

Chez Hugo's merguez sausage was pretty delish, but I could eat the black garlic naan all day long.

Mad Chef's tiramisu crepe cake was is it's creator, Fabio Mura.

Perhaps the prettiest dish we had all year was also one of the tastiest: Cyrus Keefer's scallops with pepperoni romesco, octopus vinaigrette, and tomato water - at Cunningham's.

We went to Cajun Kate's in Wilmington for my birthday, just to feast on all of the goodies made by our friend Don Applebaum. This is his deep fried mac and cheese. So good!

Also from Cunningham's was this super tender rib eye marinated in black garlic and truffles....

The vodka slice at Pomodoro is my favorite pizza in NY (so far).

I'm not crazy about fries, but the kimchi fries with bulgogi at Samwon Garden in NY's Koreatown could make me a convert.

How many times did we go to R & R Taqueria this year for tacos? I lost count. You should go.

Come back Monday for the year in review, part 2!

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