Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Crazy Keyword Activity

It's quite amusing how some folks stumble onto Minxeats. I posted some of my search engine keyword activity back in May, and it seems like it's gotten worse since then.

For example:
"cat football funny"
"wrestling boner"
"tasteful cleavage"
"rottweiler pumpkin"
"shrimp poop"
and perhaps the most frightening of all: "Marcel Vigneron naked." No, wait, that would be "Melissa D'Arabian photo."

I also get more than my fair share hits for "Savannah Guthrie hot." Who is Savannah Guthrie?

Minxeats is the number 1 result for "Aaron McCargo Jr runaway son" and for "caribbean Branzino Cieno dish taste." I'm not all that sure if I've eaten branzino, so I don't know why I'm so high on the list. (All Top Chef is #2 in that same category.) We're also number 1 on Google Latvia for "work for food network."

Why are people still wondering "is Fabio Viviani married?" They would be better off wondering why he's sold out and shilling for Domino's.

Another query that led people to Minxeats was "how many percent Italian is Caroline Manzo?" Here's my answer: who cares? Seriously, if you care, you need to stop watching so much television.

Read food blogs instead. :)

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