Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keyword Activity

Every once in a while I check my stats to see what keywords were used to find this blog, and every time I'm a bit surprised. Oh, sure, there's the obvious searches for "minxeats," "Baltimore foodie," and "bacon jam." Googling "Rocco DiSpirito brownies" is also a fairly easy way to find me. But then there are the weird ones:

sandra lee duck meat creamy sauce
my e-mail for jack mackenroth my drawing for him
funny cat pictures with captions
philippine flagpole
brickstation eating poop

and my favorite:

chinese orgy

Perhaps the most popular search that leads folks to my blog is some variation on "fabio viviani married," or "fabio viviani wife." I get that - there are apparently tons of women who are completely charmed by the Top Italian. What I don't get are all of the searches for "Marcel Vigneron girlfriend."

"Washington post peeps contest winners" was a pretty popular search for a few days last month. Why not just go to the Washington Post Web site?  Most of the searchers were using Bing. This is why I use Google.

So how did you find my blog the first time you visited?

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