Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament Blogger Night!

In addition to the usual chef-on-chef action, the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament is planning a "Battle of the Bloggers." This little bit of added fun benefits everyone - me AND you. And of course the Tournament itself.

How so? Well, it benefits ME when you use the sponsor code "minx1" (no quotes) when buying tickets to the Monday, August 2 contest. The more tickets you buy, the better chance of my winning the battle. The prize? A trip for two on a Baltimore Harbor Cruise. The way the budget's looking, a quick trip around the Harbor just might be our vacation this year.

YOU benefit by enjoying a four-course meal while watching a live Iron Chef-style battle while supporting the Mason Dixon Master Chef Tournament and especially their charity partner, Moveable Feast, who gets 10% of net profits for every ticket sold. AND...there will be a raffle for a special gourmet food and cooking basket ($250 value) for all of the readers who come out to support their favorite bloggers.

The August 2 match is between Sarah Mogol of The Bountiful Experience and Mark Dunaway of Canton Dockside. Wouldn't you love to see them go head to head?

So basically, I see this whole thing working out in four easy steps:
Step One: Buy Tickets to August 2 match. Enter code "minx1" in the "Sponsor or Chef Code" box.
Step Two: Enjoy dinner and a "show" at the tournament.
Step Three: Get lucky and win a gift basket!
Step Four: I win a cruise!

So what are you waiting for? Please buy some tickets to this fun event and get a chance to win a prize. And win something for me, your favorite blogger, while you're at it. I am your favorite blogger, right? RIGHT?

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