Monday, April 19, 2010

The Emeril Lagasse Show

Did anyone watch Emeril's new show on Ion last night? The first episode of the variety-show format Emeril Lagasse Show was a real snoozefest that featured Emeril and Martha Stewart patting each other on the back, the vocal stylings of Michelle Williams (the homeliest Destiny's Child, whose torso is only as wide as her head), and an audience participation game that seemed to confuse the host (probably not that hard to do). Emeril was at his awkward worst, and the show was a pain to watch, especially with all of the obvious product placement for Macy's and Reynold's Wrap.

That said, I thought the best part was the cooking segment in which Emeril prepared a big pot of kapusta i kielbasy for Martha, in honor of her Polish heritage. He used fresh sausage and sauerkraut, but also added smoked pork products and apples. Not as plain and simple as my Grandma's recipe, but it looked good. I would have liked to have learned the name of the thin sausage he added to the pot. It looked like kabonasy, but it could have been any number of varieties. It certainly wasn't that nasty Eckrich smoked "kielbasa."

When asked what she would call the dish, Martha said, "kielbasa and sauerkraut." BZZZZZT! Wrong! She also pronounced "pierogi" wrong. It's "pyeh-rhogi" (roll the r) not, "pie-rogy." It's ok if a French/Portuguese guy from Massachusetts says it wrong, but not someone who is a life-long Pollack. Hmpfh.

Did you watch? Will you watch? I enjoy a train wreck as much as the next guy, so I may give it a shot for a couple of weeks, especially since there's nothing else worth watching at 8pm on Sunday night.


Unknown said...

I didn't know Emeril had a new show. I still don't know what network it's on, since you didn't mention that detail in your report. Will I watch? Only if I'm lazily channel surfing and can't find anything else even remotely interesting.

theminx said...

Jan - the first line says "Emeril's new show on Ion" with a link to the network's show page. Ion is the network.

Unknown said...

Ahhh...I've never even heard of Ion, so that detail escaped me. And since I've never heard of it, it follows that I don't get it, so the question of whether or not to watch Emeril is out of my hands. (No great loss, I think.)

theminx said...

If only more decisions were so easy!