Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dining Out Bucket List

Dara, our lovely and talented Dining Examiner, has brought to my attention the concept of a restaurant "bucket list." So which restaurants are on my list?

In no particular order:

Slanted Door - San Francisco
Alinea - Chicago
French Laundry - Yountville
Per Se - New York
Spago - Los Angeles
Le Bernardin - New York
Momofuku (any/all of them) - New York
WD-50 - New York
El Bulli - Spain (a pipe dream, I know)

What's on your list?


bernal_vernal said...

You'll love The Slanted Door. The views of the bay from the restaurant are lovely. There are so many wonderful restaurants here in SF, I hope you get a chance to try some of them.

theminx said...

One of my friends ate there last week and she loved it. I gotta get my ass to SF some day!

Dara Bunjon said...

Dear lovely Minx:

Thanks for the mention on the Restaurant bucket list. I'm afraid El Bulli might be off everyone's list. It is closed and there is talk it will not reopen. I hope it does and hope we can go together.