Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baltimore Dining Examiner Snowpocalypse Cooking Help Line

For all of you out there who couldn't make it to the grocery store and have nothing in the house but a sundry selection of dry goods...OR...did make it to the store only to find there was nothing left on the shelves except Belgian endive and canned beans, Dara, Baltimore's Dining Examiner, has opened a Snowpocalypse Cooking Help Line to solve your cooking quandary.


Kristine said...

Thought you would find this headline amusing. It was on the Serious Eats-Talk site today.

"Snowpocalips 2010 - Free Pizza at the Office"

Can't come up with a clever pun on "lips." Ideas?

theminx said...

I can't think "lips" these days without thinking of Kim Vo (Shear Genius)!