Thursday, May 21, 2009

Gearing Up for Top Chef Masters

I'm excited about the newest version of Top Chef - Top Chef Masters! Mr Minx and I watched the screener for the first episode the other day and really enjoyed it. I'll be putting a quickie review up on All Top Chef in a few days. I also put a poll on that blog: Who do you think will win Top Chef Masters? Go vote!

And to let you know in advance - I won't be recapping the show because I'm already recapping The Fashion Show and might do the same for the upcoming (June 7th) Food Network Star. We'll see. I will, however, be recapping season 6 of Top Chef, whenever that starts up (they are currently filming in Las Vegas, so I'm guessing it'll start up in the Fall, as it did in 2008).


John said...

I've downgraded my satellite package, so I don't get Bravo anymore. I'll probably have to go to my sister's house to get my Top Chef fix. I still get the Food Network, so the NFNS live blogs will definitely be happening. As for Fashion Week? I saw one episode and was bored out of my mind. They just can't replace the bitchy goodness of Project Runway.

ricky said...

Minx, could I possibly persuade you to forsake your recaps (funny as they are) of that horrendous fashion show in favor of this show? My top chef experience just wouldn't be the same without you. I know that it would please at least a few of your other minions as well.


theminx said...

Ricky - after seeing the first episode of TC Masters, I don't think the show is particularly suited to my style of recapping. There are only 4 chefs per episode - all super professionals - and there's not much to make fun of. I am giving up on The Fashion Show and think I will recap TNFNS instead.

I definitely will be recapping TC 6 though!