Monday, April 06, 2009

Chowing Down in NY

My friend Andrée and I were in NYC last week for a perfume-lover's event called Sniffapalooza. We went up a day early in order to do our own sniffing at stores not on the 'palooza agenda, and after a few hours at Saks and Barney's, we popped into POP Burger on 58th Street for lunch. We ate upstairs in the "lounge" area, with a full bar and low tables in front of banquettes. Not the most comfy place to eat, but we were desperately hungry, and didn't want to do counter service downstairs.

POP Burger's menu isn't all burgers - they also have a few salads, plus stuff like lamb chops and steak on the dinner menu. Andrée decided to go for the burgers, and I chose the mini lobster rolls.

The burgers were nicely sized, cooked perfectly to medium, with cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

The lobster rolls were adorable (Barbie hoagie-sized) with chunks of lobster in a nicely seasoned mayo on crunchy little rolls, garnished with taro chips.

We also ordered the fries, which were served in a paper cone. That's how you treat yummy skin-on Belgian-style frites, but these were those nasty fries with the batter on them that make them all warty-textured. Blech!  Who likes those things?

Apart from the fries, the other food was really quite yummy. Wish the place didn't smell like a bathroom though.

After a trip to Zabar's, I spotted a Beard Papa's on Broadway. I had just mentioned the Japanese chain's cream puffs to Andrée that morning, so we couldn't pass up going inside for a snack.  The puffs were on sale for a buck that day too.  We each had one of the delectable delights and washed them down with vividly-colored green tea lattés.

The pastry is a little lighter than the typical French cream puff, and the custard tastes like it's lightened with a bit of whipped cream.  They are really quite yum.

Later that evening, we stopped at a place called Nada Sushi (Lexington and 50th) for dinner.  We shared a couple of rolls, a delicious eggplant appetizer topped with shreds of bonito that waved about like tiny tentacles, and some really delicious eel.  We also had saké and were happy to see the tab wasn't all that much higher than that from lunch. 

The next day, we went to La Palette, an itty bitty place on Greenwich Ave, for lunch.  They were offering a $14.99 brunch that included a cocktail. Andrée had the spinach, mushroom, and Gruyere crepe with a mimosa, and I went for the Brazilian eggs Benedict (with beef, mozzarella, and onions) and a bloody Mary. It was quite cold and windy outside and we were somewhat inappropriately dressed, so the nice food and alcoholic beverage were just what we needed to warm up. 

Finally, that evening before heading to Penn Station, we stopped in the Europa Café across the street for dinner. I had the Thai Chicken "Zesto" sandwich (Thai spice-marinated chicken breast & cheddar jack cheese with mango salsa on rosemary focaccia) and Andrée had the Balsamic Chicken (balsamic chicken with grilled portobellas, roasted tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, on focaccia). Apart from somewhat dry chicken (which tasted grilled) and putting "Thai" chicken on rosemary focaccia, they were pretty decent for a chain.  Can't beat the location, and it's sure better than sitting on the floor in the train station while balancing dinner on one's lap!

POP Burger
14 E 58th St
New York, NY 10022
212) 991-6644

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La Palette
94 Greenwich Ave
New York, NY 10011
(212) 366-6110

La Palette on Urbanspoon

Beard Papa's
2167 Broadway
New York, NY 10024
(212) 799-3770

Beard Papa Sweets Cafe on Urbanspoon


Nanc Twop said...

You went for some Shu cream puffs and you stopped at just one?... You are a woman of strength!

theminx said...

But they're HUGE! Plus, we just had lunch, and I had a pound of rugelach from Zabar's calling my name.