Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Say It's Not So! (TC Spoilers!)

Buddy TV is trying to start the rumor that Baltimore's Jill Snyder is the first chef eliminated on Top Chef this coming season. Their reasoning?

"A cast list of 16 was revealed but it was rumored that 17 appear on the first episode and one is eliminated in the quickfire challenge. Since Jill Synder's name does appear on any official list of the 16 chefs competing this season, it seems that she is the unlucky one to head home first."

The typos/misspellings in that statement confuse things a bit. I am guessing they mean that her name doesn't appear on any official list, but had Buddy TV bothered to check the Bravo site, they'd see that there are indeed 17 chefs listed, one of which is Jill Snyder. And her name came up very frequently in the Google Alert I have set up for Top Chef.

Guess we'll see what happens come November 12th!

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John said...

Here's hoping. Meanwhile, I still have to scrape the money together to venture to her exclusive-looking restaurant.