Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Food Lovers' Guide to Baltimore

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Regular readers may have noticed a plethora of restaurant posts popping up here on Minxeats in the first half of last year (and then almost none in the second half). There's a good reason for that - we were writing a book on local restaurants. The Food Lovers' Guide to Baltimore to be exact.

Published by Globe Pequot, the book is part of a series of city guides that also includes New Orleans, Washington DC, and Phoenix, with more to come. The official publication date is February 5th, but it's already available online from Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and it's trickling into local bookstores, too.

Who knew Baltimore had so many great restaurants, farmers' markets, and specialty food shops? Baltimoreans, that's who! We had a great time writing the book, even if we did pick up a few dozen pounds in the process. An early critic called the book "entertaining," and we hope you think so too, as well as find it informative and useful.

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