Friday, January 22, 2016

Wines of the World

The question of the day should probably be "do you have enough wine stocked up for the impending Snowmageddon this weekend?" If you don't well, it's probably too late (or too crazy an idea to hit the liquor store today), but we're going to talk about wine anyway. :)

What countries are cultivating the best grape growing and also supplying some of the world’s best wines? From Bordeaux, France, known for its Petit Verdot and several other excellent beverages, to La Rioja, Spain, famed for Tempranillo, to Colchagua, Chile, renowned for its Carmenère, several places have developed reputations for producing high quality wines that generate accolades worldwide. Places that become known for winemaking generally have two characteristics that make them hospitable to the practice: proper climate and soil. The best climate for vineyards is generally temperate, and the finest soil is often rocky and boasts easy drainage. If you’d like to learn more about what and who makes the highest quality wine, check out the following infographic by Gold Medal Wine Club (

International Wine of the Month Club - Gold Medal Wine

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