Monday, March 04, 2013

My Thai

A couple of years ago there was a fire in what I still think of as the City Paper building on the northwest corner of Madison and Charles Streets. The original outpost of Donna's was on the first floor, Indigma was in the side space that faced Charles, and My Thai was in the basement. Indigma was able to relocate across the street in a short amount of time, but Donna's is probably not coming back to that block. And My Thai has completely relocated to an area just behind Little Italy proper (but still technically Little Italy) on Central Avenue between Bank and Eastern, in what used to be another Thai restaurant called Lemongrass.

Mr Minx and I were invited to a happy hour media event recently, and we got to taste some of the restaurant's wares.

crispy green beans
First off were the crispy green beans, beans that had been battered and fried and served with a sweet black pepper sauce. We also tried the crispy wontons, which are a bit like crab rangoons, filled with shrimp and chicken rather than cream cheese and served with a sweet and sour sauce.

Green curry
We also tasted two entrees, the chicken pad see iew, a dish of wide rice noodles with veggies and a lightly sweet sauce. It was very mild, and like pad Thai, a good introduction to Thai food. We also sampled the green curry, which had chunks of chicken and eggplant in a fiery pale green sauce.

While My Thai has all of the typical favorite Thai dishes, from green papaya salad and laab, to drunken noodles to sticky rice with mango, the most exciting part of the menu is the "street food" served at the appetizer grill bar in the front of the restaurant. Several of about 100 choices are served on any given evening, and these can include grilled beef tongue, chicken livers, and even silkworms. Sometime soon we plan to get back to My Thai for a full street food experience. And yes, eat silkworms.

A bit off the beaten path, My Thai should however thrive because it's fortunate enough to have Heavy Seas Ale House as a neighbor.

My Thai
1300 Bank St
Baltimore, MD 21231
(410) 327-0023

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