Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Savannah's Kitchen

I tell ya, every new week brings a new food truck. Or two.

Savannah's Kitchen specializes in Caribbean food (or, Carribbean, as it's spelled on the side of the truck). Their very limited menu offers a "meal deal" platter that includes rice and beans, cabbage, and a can of soda with your choice of curry chicken or jerk chicken. There's also a "salad deal" with choice of the same proteins, plus Jamaican patties and a curry chicken wrap.

I was feeling cheap the first time I hit the truck so ordered the $5 wrap, which came with a can of soda. The "curry chicken" in this case was chicken salad, one with a nice chicken-to-mayo ratio, and a couple of raisins to add sweetness. The portion felt a mite skimpy (since I can get a humongous 2-scoop chicken salad sammich at the hospital cafeteria for less than $4), but it tasted pretty darn good.

I later tried the jerk chicken "meal deal," which for $9 was a mammoth platter of food. The not-quite-half chicken was tender and juicy, and the savory skin was perfectly seasoned. I often find jerk seasoning to be unbalanced, with either too much allspice or too much thyme. Sometimes it's just too hot for my palate. Savannah's was delicious, and just right for me. A good thing, because there was so much food, it took me two days to eat it all.

Savannah's Kitchen doesn't have a regular schedule, so if you want to see it in your area, you might want to post your location on their Facebook page.

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