Tuesday, June 05, 2012


I had an unusual number of hits on the blog the other day, so I checked out the recent keyword activity that brought folks in for a gander. As usual, the inquiries were all over the place, but many were from people who were insanely curious about potential Food Network Star Justin Warner:

what is justin's last name on alton's team
justin next food network star gay
justin from next food network star lipstick
does justin wear lipstick food net work
next food network star wearing lipstick?
does justin from next food network star wear lipstick

Really, folks - if Justin does wear lipstick, why do you care? Or do you, like Susie Fogelson, want to know the manufacturer/shade?

There were also two other searches that popped up several times. Are they related? You tell me.

rachael ray ass
kim kardashian spanx

I think so. Oddly enough, there were no recent searches for Fabio Viviani's marital status. Guess he's fallen off the radar for now. Until the next season of Top Chef starts up at least.

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