Friday, May 20, 2011

Choice Bites 5.20.2011

As always, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt conducted a rather scholarly food study, this time on the similarities and differences between burgers from three touted joints, In-N-Out, Shake Shack, and Five Guys. I've only tried Five Guys and think it's decent enough, but I really want to try the other two now.

The very opinionated Josh Ozersky (NY Mag) had this to say about the contest: "This was sort of epic. But how did Five Guys even get in there? The commenters are right. If they needed a third burger they should have gone to Steak N Shake or better still Smashburger. I wish I could easily strike a blow at Five Guys. They've done more to harm hamburgers than Ray Kroc and the e.coli put together." (via Facebook, italics mine) Would be nice if he explained himself.

The still-quite-young food truck scene in Baltimore is having issues. As a proponent of the food truck movement, this disturbs me. Read one recent article about it here, and another here, both from the Baltimore Sun.

There's a new food magazine? shopping site? both? in town - Gilt Taste. Part of Gilt Groupe, the site has snagged Ruth Reichl as editorial advisor.

Momofuku owner David Chang's top five annoying things that restaurant diners do can be found here. I violated #1 by telling the folks at Ssam Bar that I was a blogger from Baltimore. They treated me very well. Guess some people do realize that the reason some restaurants get lots of traffic - particularly from out-of-towners - is good press from bloggers. Chang has a rep for being somewhat of an asshat, so I can only laugh at his comments.

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