Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why Sandra Lee is Not Alton Brown

You know how on Good Eats, whenever Alton touches chicken, he admonishes the home audience to "wash those chickeny hands?" Well, I just watched a few minutes of Semi-Ho-Made in which Sandra Lee coats raw chicken breasts with jarred jerk seasoning paste. She schmeared a spoonful of paste on a piece of chicken, then put the raw-chicken-contaminated spoon right back into the jar, then repeated it again and again with the other pieces of chicken.

I guess the Food Network can afford to throw away the half-empty jar. But don't try this at home, people!


  1. LOL @Semi-Ho-Made!!!!!!


  2. I love Davids comment because I DESPISE Sandra Lee! She is the most INSIPID bitch on the Feud Network, except for the Barefoot Cuntessa and Screaming Rachel Brat!

  3. Kristine8:48 AM

    You were watching Sandra Lee?

  4. Kristine...I was on the exercise bike and couldn't reach the remote. I watched Ina Garten, and then Sandra Lee came on right afterward. As soon as the commercial break came on, I got off the bike, grabbed the remote, and changed the channel!

  5. Kristine9:01 AM

    Sure...methinks thou dost protest too much! As long as you had a bottle of vodka to drink along with her.

  6. Seriously! I don't watch Food Network much at all, especially not the daytime shows because I'm usually at work. The only reason I would watch Sandra Lee or Rachael Ray deliberately is if 1) I want to make fun of them; 2) I need a bloodless alternative to slitting my wrists.

  7. Kristine9:34 AM

    I feel the same way about that healthy pixie chick, Ellie or whatever. I don't know why but her voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  8. EEEWWWWW! That totally offends my microbiologist sensibilities.

    Also! I have a friend who just moved to Baltimore -- I should somehow get you guys met up!


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