Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Next Food Network Star

The newest installment of that potential trainwreck called The Next Food Network Star starts this coming Sunday, June 7th, at 9pm/8c. Yes, the show that brought us such luminaries in the culinary world as Guy Fieri and Aaron McCargo is back to find yet another person obnoxious enough to be on the Food Network.

Check out a preview here and videos of the ten competitors here.

And seemingly FN is bringing back audience voting, which failed so horribly for them in season 3 when ringer Rory Schepisi lost to Amy Finley. The "Fan Vote" page on the TNFNS site reads:

"This year, you too can be a judge on The Next Food Network Star!

"Starting June 7, vote for which finalist you would have eliminated and ultimately, who you would like to see as Food Network's very next star. Each vote will enter you to win a Grilling Oasis brought to you by Chinet, Viking and Summer Classics."

Hard to tell exactly what that means. Will viewers get an actual vote, or will the FN kangaroo court once again prevail? I guess we'll just have to tune in on 6/7 and find out. I'd ask FN PR bitch Lisa Krueger, but she won't talk to me. She, and the Food Network, apparently hate bloggers. Why? Because we speak the truth.

If there are enough videos of the episodes available online, I will be recapping!


Svengali said...

Lisa Krueger is a total wench. She wouldn't reply to my emails either. That post on Food Network Humor slamming her made my week!

(The NFNS winner is already chosen, so the "viewer voting" thing is total bs)

John said...

Hey Minx, I will be live blogging TNFNS5! I won't be doing Top Chef Masters though. I don't have Bravo anymore (though I'm seriously considering switching from DirecTV, which has gotten pricey, to Dish Network and avoiding Comcast altogether). So I MAY have Bravo again at some point. Oh, and I hear you and Kit (Mango & Ginger) will be live blogging Top Chef?