Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baltimore Magazine's Best Restaurants

Baltimore Magazine publishes a yearly list of the best restaurants in the Baltimore area. This year they did the daring and ranked them. I've highlighted the ones I have visited in the past - only 14! I need to get out more. Unfortunately, many of the remaining joints are a bit pricey, and there are not enough special occasions during the year to merit a fancy dinner at an untried restaurant.

I've only been to Charleston and The Black Olive once each, and can tell you I was not particularly impressed. I've complained about this before - the sauces at Charleston were too reduced, the veal stock becoming the equivalent of glue, leaving our lips sticking together for hours afterwards (and I don't mean in an embrace).

Pazo and Petit Louis, also owned by Cindy Wolf and Tony Foreman, are two of our favorites, both worth multiple excursions. Apart from The Bicycle, I've been to each of the other restaurants more than once. I was thrilled to see that Crush made the list; hopefully this means the place will stick around for a while.

Dear readers - where do you recommend that we visit next?

1. Charleston
2.The Black Olive
3. Cinghiale
4. Linwoods
5. The Oregon Grille
6. Woodberry Kitchen
7. Aldo's Ristorante Italiano
8. Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel
9. Pazo
10. Meli
11. Salt
12. The Oceanaire Seafood Room
13. Petit Louis Bistro
14. Kali's Court
15 .The Prime Rib
16. Shula's Steakhouse
17.The Capital Grille
18. Sotto Sopra
19. Fin Steak & Seafood
20. Blue Sea Grill
21. O'Leary's Seafood Restaurant
22. Ixia
23. Milton Inn
24. Chameleon Cafe
25. Tio Pepe
26. Baltimore Pho
27. Trattoria Alberto
28. Della Notte Ristorante
29. The Helmand
30. Roy's
31. The Dogwood
32. Jack's Bistro
33. TD Lounge
34. The Brass Elephant
35. Peter's Inn
36. Iron Bridge Wine Company
37. Aida Bistro & Wine Bar
38. Osteria 177
39. Darker Than Blue Cafe
40. Tersiguel's
41. The Wine Market
42. Fogo de Chão
43. The Bicycle
44. Corks
45. Crush
46. b
47. Victoria Gastro Pub
48. Jordan's Steakhouse
49. Gertrude's at the BMA
50. Ze Mean Bean Cafe


Anonymous said...

I was looking at your restaurant index a few days back, and couldn't find Pazo in the list. Was that an oversight?

Love ya!

David Dust said...

My Dearest Minx -

The owner of #48 - Jordan's Steakhouse - is one of my old bosses. Jordan Naftal was the one who hired me at my current restaurant (and was also my boss at the Hard Rock Cafe). He was friends with the old owners of my current restaurant, and worked here for a while. He left here years ago to open Jordan's.

It was his idea for my restaurant to hire an "Events Manager" to increase group/event revenue. And the rest is history.

If you ever want to go to Jordan's, let me know and I'll get in touch with him. I can't guarantee a comp or anything (although he might), but you would definitely receive VIP treatment.



Anonymous said...

What happened to Pierce's Plantation and Gibby's (Towson)? Those are the two places I remember eating while visiting friends years ago (mid 90s?).

theminx said...

As far as I know, Peerce's and Gibby's are both closed.