Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year's Eve Dinner

Mr Minx and I took ourselves to Sotta Sopra for our last meal of 2008.  I've never seen a restaurant that busy - it was packed cheek to jowl with diners.  Our meal was delish, but I could have used a few more scallops in my entree.  Just sayin'.

And who was in the kitchen working cold apps and desserts?  None other than Jill Snyder, formerly of Red Maple and Top Chef.  Good to know that she's still in the restaurant biz!


  1. My last MEAL of the year was at a good party I went to. The tenderest pork roast I have had in ages. My last eating out experience was at Greg's Bagels. I ordered the Scandinavian lox on a plain bagel with cream cheese. I got a cheese and egg bagel that cost a third of the price. So I marched back in and wouldn't you know - the guy who ordered the cheese and egg got mine! So we each left with our correct orders. But here's the thing: Greg's made him a second one, not sure that I'd be back (oh hell YES I would be back), gave it to him for free, AND gave me a chocolate chip bagel for free for my troubles. That's called customer service!

    Happy new year!

  2. Eldest Son said their restaurant, in Seattle, was packed all day. At one tine he had 100 people come in to be sat. He worked 13 hours that day and his day starts a bit before noon. Worried about the industry with the current economic woes.

  3. You have to wonder thought about Jill Snyder....the woman did seem a bit of a flake...


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