Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Ok, not a very profound way to start a post, but it was on the tip of my tongue as I ate a cup of Liberté Six Grains Yogurt in the pear flavor. I was really enjoying the Fage Greek-style yogurt for a while there, but I have found a new dairy love. Liberté, from Montréal, makes a lusciously creamy and not-too-tart yogurt that comes in a few varieties; my favorite is the Six Grains. I like the texture from little bits of barley and wheat, et. al., and the no-sugar-added aspect. The light sweetness accentuates the yogurt flavor rather than masks it.

They also make goat's milk yogurt that's equally yummy.

I found mine at Superfresh, but they probably have it at Whole Foods and Giant as well. If you're a fan of yogurt, I highly recommend Liberté. Waaay better than Dannon and the rest of the supermarket brands (unfortunately, it's also more expensive).

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