Wednesday, April 30, 2008

(Slow Week)

I can't believe I haven't had anything interesting to eat this week. Well, last night it was meatball subs with homemade meatballs (Mr Minx made spaghetti on Friday) and provolone, and they were pretty good. Messy too. Our sole nourishment for Monday was a late lunch at Pizzaria Uno, one of my Dad's favorite spots (for the all you can eat soup. There are waaaay too many chain restaurants in Bel Air, and that man eats out waaaay too much.) I had the sliders, three decently-sized burgers with spicy cheese and decent fries (albeit the weird batter-dipped kind). Mr Minx and MinxDad had an extremely skimpy portion of fish and chips. (Half a filet! Red Brick Station gives you three mammoth twice the price though. But still...half a filet!?)

Today's lunch/dinner...who knows? We're heading back up to B'lair....

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