Sunday, November 25, 2007

New Menu

Last night, Mr Minx and I, along with MinxBro and MinxDad hit up Jesse Wong's Hong Kong for a post-birthday dinner only to find that the menu had changed completely from the last time we had eaten dinner there. Granted, it's been a year, but the menu was no longer the 12-page Chinese food extravaganza. Instead, in its place, was a few-page listing of pan-Asian dishes that included Thai favorites like Pad Thai in addition to American-style Chinese foods. Bo-ring.

I complained to our waitress that the menu was different and she said, "oh, do you want to see the Chinese menu?" Yes I did! It wasn't as long as the original, but there were plenty of interesting options. And we could request non-menu items as well.

Hard to believe that the four of us put away one order of scallops, conch, and squid with snowpeas, a whole Peking duck, a whole Hunan-style rockfish, and an order of crispy chicken, plus pan fried dumplings and won ton soup all around. And it was all amazingly delicious, particularly the fish.

So when you go...remember to ask for the Chinese menu. You won't be disappointed.
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