Friday, February 24, 2012

Choice Bites 2.24.2012

I was fascinated by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt's account of living as a vegan for a month. Not that I have any plans of joining him, but I think it's definitely do-able for short bursts. Have any of you omnivores tried veganism? Would love to hear your experiences.

Want to know the identities of 2012's 17 hottest chefs? Hot as (No telling if thse folks can actually cook.) Surprised that Baltimore isn't one of the 17 cities? (I'm not.)

Have you heard the story about the child whose home-packed lunch didn't meet USDA guidelines and was forced to eat oh-so-healthy chicken nuggets? Apparently, it's not entirely true.

Back in the early 90s, I had never heard of celiac, or a sensitivity to gluten, until I found out that the son of one of my employers had the disease. Now it seems that everyone has it...or maybe it's just in the news all the time. There are more and more "gluten-free" products on the market, so these unfortunate folks don't have to completely give up bread or pasta or beer...but what exactly does "gluten-free" mean? The FDA doesn't really know, either.

James Beard Award-winning food writer Josh Ozersky thinks Jewish food sucks. Really? Maybe his grandma was just a lousy cook?

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