Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Burger Brothers

Perhaps after so many years of critically examining the food I eat, I'm completely jaded. Or maybe my tastebuds have changed. I can't tell you how long it's been since I had a great burger. As in really really good. Oh, I've had plenty of decent burgers, good ones even, but none that have caused me to drool at the mere thought of it. People rave about Five Guys, and I think they're a decent fast food-style burger. The fries are good, the toppings are ample. And that's about it. Our experience at the new fast-casual version of Gino's was disappointing; while the burger was good, it was also a bit of a salt lick. And that's the problem I have with Burger Brothers - on our recent visit, everything seemed a bit too salty.

My dad goes to Burger Brothers regularly and he thinks they're much better than Five Guys. True, the nicely sized 6oz burgers at BB are grilled, not smashed into oblivion on a flattop, and are juicy and even a little pink in the middle. The rolls are really nice, puffy, brioche-type creations that squish nicely and don't break apart. But the burgers we had were so salty, I had a hard time tasting the toppings (nicely caramelized onions, pickle, 1000 Island dressing, cheddar cheese, and tomato). I could taste the pickle in some bites, but that was about it.

We also tried an order of fries, which were the now-ubiquitous skin-on boardwalk style. They were ok. A little dry. Burger Brothers also offers onion rings, which are unfortunately the type with a heavy, pebbly-textured breading. To me, they were rather indistinguishable from generic frozen onion rings, except without the burns caused by onions pulling loose from the breading and smacking the eater on the chin.

Perhaps we hit the place on the day the salt cellar fell onto the ground beef and we should try again. I can imagine, if properly seasoned, the burgers are actually very good. Just ask my dad.

Burger Brothers
14 W Allegheny Ave
Towson, MD 21204
(410) 321-1880

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