Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Product of the Week - Gold Key Dried Mangoes

I am a big fan of the mango. Because I am allergic to peaches, they are the next best thing, texture-wise, and of course they have a magnificent flavor all their own. I like dried mangoes too, but as with all dried fruit, the quality varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some are too dry, some are too stringy. Others don't have the right balance of sugar to natural tang. But I picked up a package of Gold Key brand at an Asian food store a few years ago and found my holy grail of dried mangoes. These are sweet and tangy (more sweet though, which is my preference) and taste of exactly what they are - mangoes. I love them and have to be careful not to scarf down the entire package at one time!

I'm sure they're good chopped up and added to quick breads and cereals and the like, but I just like to eat them as is. Like candy. Yum.

Ok - get this package away from me before I eat them all....

Photo cribbed from Asia Finest Discussion Forum.

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Chris said...

Ohhhh, I will have to look for these at my local asian grocery . . . I LOVE mango. I don't know that I've had it dried, but I bet I'll love that, too.