Monday, November 17, 2008

Nice to Know I'm Not the Only One

...who has major issues with the Food Network. Check out some of the comments left on the Food Network Addict regarding extending the deadline for season 5 of the Next Food Network Star:

Anonymous said...
It doesn't matter. I won't be watching. The Food Network is becoming a total embarrassment. I blame Tuschman and Fogelson for it. The Food Network is totally turning into a network of personality without substance and the Next Food Network Star is on the top of the pile of that dung heap.

I know a lot of people didn't care for David Rosengarten, but I miss him. His show Taste was wonderful without all of the over the top antics that seem to have proliferated all over the Food Network.

Top Chef New York starts this month, I can't wait.

Anonymous said...
Top Chef = a real contest.

Hey Tushwipe. You think people are forgetting that absolute debacle you called season 4 ?

Hard to get people back after you insulted them so badly you moron.

Just thinking of all the lowlights from Season 4 is reason to not tune in.

Anonymous said...
Well, I agree with others. TNFNS is not enjoyable, the competitions are ridculous and I cannot fathom how they prepare anyone for taping a cooking show. Too many of the network's shows are way too 'star'-oriented, sometimes silly, and often have very little cooking involved (ie. Paula' Party).

Why does the network have all the instructional shows on Sat. & Sun. when most people are spending time with family and friends? And during the weeknights, when people would turn in to watch, they show almost all non-cooking or challenge shows repeating the same shows over and over and over.

Boring, boring, boring.

Anonymous said...
It should be renamed "The Food Competition Network." Nothing at night is worth watching. I don't spend much time carving fruit sculptures, and don't think I'll ever wrap anything in fondant. These programs are all the same!

Bring the great cooking shows you've buried on Saturday to prime time.

FN, you've driven me back to local channels showing sitcom reruns!


David Dust said...


I stopped watching the show after those 2 Queens won.


Anonymous said...

I like the challenge shows since I get bored easily watching their "how to cook this" shows.

kayce. said...

a long, long time ago, i watched the food network obsessively; however, that's when they had the REAL (japanese) iron chef on every night and anthony bourdain's "a cooks tour" on every weekend... now, i would have to agree w/ the first anonymous 1,000%: all bang, no buck. i still <3 alton (amazing) and i watch 'diners, drive-ins, and dives' but only b/c that kinda food is right up my alley; so much so that i put up w/ that one-dimensional asshat (dust bunny for life, LOL) that hosts the show.

as ever, i am a pbs-saturday-afternoon ADDICT... julia, lidia, jacques, america's test kitchen, etc FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

I do like Anne Burrell and Alex Guarnaschelli (sp?), but they teach some technique. They don't just take a recipe and make it front of you, like anonymous said. And their actual chefs. Ditto on the PBS shows.