Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jill Snyder's Audition Video

Dara of Dining Dish has unearthed Jill Snyder's audition tape. See it here.

I'll be at Red Maple tonight for the Top Chef premiere party - anyone else going?
Hopefully I won't be too hungover tomorrow to get some sort of recap up. :)

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Anonymous said...

Lars Rusins: Last night was meant to celebrate Jill, and Baltimore. And that was the driving force of the premiere party.

I came up with the idea, and sold the tickets. Red Maple drove the planning. In their defense, a couple of things, out of their control did occur.

Total attendees exceeded our projections by 20%. Long story. No excuses.

Secondly, at 7:00, the TV was working great, something happened between then, and the show airing to cause a signal loss. Again, not an excuse.

The event did, in my eyes, fail to meet expectations. At Baltimore Foodies, I am dedicated to providing guests with a great experience. If they aren't happy, I'm not.

As of 1:00pm, I have received seven e-mails from attendees, expressing their disappointment. I offered my apologies, and gave each one a full refund, fees and all.

Though the premiere party did not meet expectations, Jill did. She got through the first show, where others did not. I think that's the important thing. Baltimore Foodies has never been about me, it's about promoting the great, independent restaurants we have in Baltimore, and the chefs who work in them. ROCK ON JILL..!!!!