Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Favorite Restaurants

Sometime near the end of 2010, Baltimore Sun restaurant critic Richard Gorelick posted his 50 favorite Baltimore restaurants, and I thought I would do the same - only I'm including restaurants all over Maryland and I'm limiting the list to 25. Why? Because I'm not a professional restaurant critic and I have to pay for 99% of my meals, I haven't eaten in as many places. So if you see some of your favorites aren't listed, it could be because I haven't yet eaten there (Woodberry Kitchen comes to mind).

What are my standards? Well, there's really only one: I have to enjoy the food enough to want to go back again and again (and in some cases I have). My favorites are all over the place, from diners to fine dining, from sushi to Sichuan, with a good dose of "modern American cuisine."

Andy Nelson's
B&O American Brasserie
Bangkok Garden
Broadway Diner
Chameleon Cafe
Della Notte
Donna's Cross Keys
Grace Garden
Kyodai Rotating Sushi Bar
Lebanese Taverna
Nautilus Diner
Petit Louis
Sotto Sopra
Ume Sake
Yamato Sushi
Ze Mean Bean Cafe

What are some of your favorite Maryland restaurants?


Unknown said...

LJ's in Hagerstown.

The Curator said...

Great picks! I love Petit Louis and Andy Nelson's. Other faves: Charleston, Akbar, Chiapparelli's, Holy Frijoles, Blue Moon Cafe (best brunch ever!)and Sofi's Crepes.
And yes, you must get to Woodberry Kitchen, it's wonderful.

theminx said...

The Curator: have you been to Akbar or Holy Frijoles recently? They were among my favorites in the 90s and early '00s, but I haven't been to either in a long long time.

The Curator said...

Oh yes, we hit up the Akbar lunch buffet a few weeks ago, and Holy Frijoles for dinner a month or two prior to that...both are still just as yummy as they were 10 years ago. :)