Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Keep Those Comments Rolling In!

In the tradition of my dear friend David Dust, I've decided to share a very special comment with all of my readers. Rather than merely publish the comment within the post on which it was left, I thought it was amusing enough to deserve a post of its very own.

Dear poser food critic,

Just because you can type while eating a Chik-Fil-A sandwich doesn't give you the right to slander such a restaurant. I have eaten at The Melting Pot several times, as well as at different locations besides Towson, and each time has proven to be nothing short of a great experience. Clearly the outcome of your dinner was due to the low expectations you placed on the restaurant before trying it. Your extremely low class and less-than-elementary style of writing is undeniably portrayed through this breathtaking blog.

Executive Director
Association of [redacted]

Apparently someone disagreed with my views on The Melting Pot, so much so that they chose not only to insult my writing style, but also to impersonate a respected member of the food journalism community. I find it rather audacious that this cowardly individual then addressed me as a poser.

Unfortunately, the writer wasn't fooling anyone but him- or herself. First of all, an actual journalist would know the difference between "slander" and "libel," which the commenter clearly does not. In any case, my comments, which are based on my observations and my palate, are neither. They are my opinion, and as such are valid. Second, the impersonated journalist is not from the East Coast region and likely would have no reason to be in Towson, much less eat at the restaurant in question. Finally, a respected journalist would have some actual writing skills, which the commenter clearly does not. Take this sentence for example:

I have eaten at The Melting Pot several times, as well as at different locations besides Towson, and each time has proven to be nothing short of a great experience.

" well as at different locations besides Towson..." heh. Perhaps he or she wanted to say, "I have eaten at The Melting Pot several times, in Towson and other locations, and each time was nothing short of a great experience."

Proofreading is your friend. And so is a working knowledge of the English language.

A bit of advice to commenters: if you choose to disagree with me, please do so using your own name. If you are afraid to make your identity public, hiding behind anonymity should be preferable to impersonating another person. Think about it - lying does nothing to reinforce the impact, if any, that your words may have. And if you come off like a complete dummy on top of it, regardless of the name you use, you won't be taken seriously.


Anonymous said...

Kathy - I.Love.You.

Nakiya @ Taste of Baltimore said...

WOH!!! What an awful comment. Ugh, whatever, they are just mean and you are awesome.

theminx said...

Thanks, Ladies - I really appreciate your support! XOXOXOXO

Logan said...

What a troll...although I must admit that while reading this post I imagined him/her as comic book guy from The Simpsons, which definately gave me an added chuckle.

I agree with the ladies above though, you are awesome!

David Dust said...


Annonimuss commenter iz STOOPID!!!


Beth said...

Kathy--this person is awful. Seriously. I think your reviews are always balanced and fair, and anyone who sees your cooking clearly understands you KNOW food!

The Scarlett said...

I've always felt that if you had to lie to make a point that your point wasn't worth making.

Have never tried TMP before - in theory it always sounded kind of fun. (Sidebar - when Lexi, my stepdaughter, was accepted at George Washington her boyfriend at the time tried to get a reservation for a celebratory dinner. He could not get one! Seriously. So from that point forward we referred to the loser as 'Fondue Boy' as a slur. Now it seems especially apt.)

I do like that the Social Media person from TMP decided to comment - she seemed concerned!

I've always found you to be fair and objective. You go in with expectations to be fed and satisfied while being treated like a customer.

Angel said...


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