Monday, January 24, 2011

Choice Bites 1.24.2011

LA has a new gourmet food truck: called Phydough, it will dispense gourmet cookies and ice cream for canines. Yes, that's right - a gourmet experience for man's best friend. The food will be good enough for humans to eat, and the flavors sound really about a peanut butter and bacon cookie with some foie gras ice cream? Yes, please!

John Kessler of the Atlantic Journal-Constitution penned an open letter to Atlanta Chefs that could apply to chefs in Baltimore as well. Do you agree? (Be sure to read the response from Chef Oltarsh, linked at the bottom of the article.)

The Food Network's ratings went down by quite a bit in the last quarter of 2010. What? People are finally sick of Guy Fieri and Rachael Ray? Say it isn't so!

The Winter 2011 Fancy Food Show was held last week in San Francisco. Top trends for the coming year include chocolate for breakfast, exotic snack chips, and healing foods. Read more about it here.

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