Friday, January 14, 2011

Changes to Top Chef Masters

So I got a press release yesterday saying that Top Chef Masters was replacing host Kelly Choi with Curtis Stone, the Aussie celebrity chef with the surfer hair and scary pale eyes. I liked Kelly Choi - she was efficient and businesslike, attractive (if too skinny), with a nice speaking voice. Not exactly authoritative, nor a big personality, but also neither bland nor distracting from the premise of the show. Now, with a celebrity chef as host, one with a gaggle of fangirls, I fear that Bravo is taking a different direction in order to pull in more viewers.

I also can't stand looking at the man. I find his kind of looks more grotesque than handsome, and have to change the channel when his face is on screen. And from what I can tell, he thinks he's hot stuff.

Curtis, you're not all that.

I hope he doesn't affect my enjoyment of Top Chef Masters in a negative way, but it's a possibility.