Friday, January 14, 2011

Changes to Top Chef Masters

So I got a press release yesterday saying that Top Chef Masters was replacing host Kelly Choi with Curtis Stone, the Aussie celebrity chef with the surfer hair and scary pale eyes. I liked Kelly Choi - she was efficient and businesslike, attractive (if too skinny), with a nice speaking voice. Not exactly authoritative, nor a big personality, but also neither bland nor distracting from the premise of the show. Now, with a celebrity chef as host, one with a gaggle of fangirls, I fear that Bravo is taking a different direction in order to pull in more viewers.

I also can't stand looking at the man. I find his kind of looks more grotesque than handsome, and have to change the channel when his face is on screen. And from what I can tell, he thinks he's hot stuff.

Curtis, you're not all that.

I hope he doesn't affect my enjoyment of Top Chef Masters in a negative way, but it's a possibility.


Nanc Twop said...

They chose him over Kelly Choi?
Can't believe it - he looks like a Guy_F wannabee to me; the older British version.

(btw, sounds like Curtis bugs you the same way Jamie Oliver does me - I always switch JO off)

Oh well, wasn't that fond of TCM anyway...

Los Gatos Girl said...

I couldn't stand Kelly (and not because she was so anorexic looking). Most of her lines were dubbed back in afterward...I had to wonder how badly did she flub them?
She didn't seem to have anything intelligent to say unlike Padma.
Dunno about the new guy :-) But it'll be nice not to have to suffer through Kelly for another season.

MoHub said...

For some reason, even looking at Curtis Stone makes me uncomfortable. Don't know why, but I can't see where he's an improvement over Kelly Choi. All I can theorize is that maybe Bravo was criticized for the cheesecake orientation of its various hosts and decided to show the network is not just about placing tall, skinny, pretty women in front of all of its programs.