Friday, April 15, 2011

Finally - Rocco's Dinner Party

So everyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows I have a hate/hate love/hate relationship with chef Rocco DiSpirito. For months now I've been awaiting his new Bravo show, Rocco's Dinner Party, and the network has finally announced the premiere date - June 15th at 11, moving to 10 the following week. (That can only mean one thing - Top Chef Masters finale is June 15th at 10.)

Check out the description and the preview below - do you think it will be a train wreck, or even less-entertaining?

Join celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito Wednesday, June 15, at 11pm ET/PT for a taste of his exclusive New York City parties on “Rocco’s Dinner Party.” This self-contained competition series gives three highly skilled chefs a shot at crafting the perfect evening for DiSpirito and his handpicked celebrity guests including Liza Minnelli, Padma Lakshmi, Raven Symone, Sandra Bernhard, and Bryan Batt, to name a few. Each week, three new chefs have one shot at impressing DiSpirito by cooking their signature dish. The two strongest will advance to the next round, where they are challenged to develop a full menu in competing dinner parties. Yet food is only half the battle. Allowed one consultation with Jes Gordan, celebrity event producer, the chef’s must also design a unique party concept, as d├ęcor and ambiance will be judged alongside their food. Each episode will have a theme for which the chef’s must base their meal and dining experience around. Which party will be a scrumptious soiree and which a flavorless fiasco? DiSpirito will decide. On June 22, the series will move to Wednesdays at 10 pm ET/PT for the remainder of the season.

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