Monday, March 22, 2010

vitaminwater connect

Speaking of water....

So I've been talking about this new vitaminwater® connect stuff recently on the blog. I don't normally drink a lot of it because it has calories and I'm a big fan of plain ol' tap water, BUT I do find it very useful as a pick-me-up when I've done a lot of walking. Like when I'm in NYC. I walk all day and get dehydrated and a little run-down, so I might pop into a Duane Reade and grab a bottle of vitaminwater®. And chug it. Somehow it goes down easier than water, and it's not slimy like Gatorade. And even if it's psychosomatic, it gives me a little lift.

So one of the lovely PR people who works for the firm that sends me all the good info on the many reality TV shows I cover on Blogging Bravo and All Top Chef and occasionally here and on my fashion blog offered to send me samples of the new vitaminwater® flavor, connect. It's black cherry-lime and has 8 vitamins, zinc, and caffeine. And it's pretty good - it reminded both Mr Minx and myself of frozen cherry-flavored summertime fun. Fla-Vor-Ice for him, and Icees for me, although it's not half as sweet as either. If I'm in the market for flavored, nutrient-enhanced H20, I'll definitely try this flavor again. And as I will be walking my feet off all over New York in a couple of weeks, that's looking like a good opportunity to try this one again.

What do you think? Do you drink enhanced water products? Or do you prefer soft drinks?


Cliff O'Neill said...

I just do water-water. At home, nothing but seltzer water. And tomato juice for breakfast.

Oh, not that there's anything wrong with it, but did you know that 50 Cent made more money off his initial investment in Vitamin Water than all the music he's ever made? Curious bit of trivia.

KS said...

Oh that sounds interesting. I like vitamin water.
But yeah, as you've pointed out, it has calories, so definitely not something I drink a lot.

Tap water- Ew. Ew. Ew.
I will never ever get how you Americans can drink that.
The taste.
European tap water tastes like nothing and I wouldn't even drink that.

I only ever drink soft-drinks, or well, Diet Coke, in American restaurants- due to lack of better choices.

BaltimoreGal said...

I quit all the soft-drinks, etc. recently but I will drink SmartWater on hot days or if I'm sick because it has electrolytes because I do get dehydrated or even heat exhaustion easily. No calories in that bad boy!
Damn the Irish/German heritage.