Monday, March 22, 2010

vitaminwater connect

Speaking of water....

So I've been talking about this new vitaminwater® connect stuff recently on the blog. I don't normally drink a lot of it because it has calories and I'm a big fan of plain ol' tap water, BUT I do find it very useful as a pick-me-up when I've done a lot of walking. Like when I'm in NYC. I walk all day and get dehydrated and a little run-down, so I might pop into a Duane Reade and grab a bottle of vitaminwater®. And chug it. Somehow it goes down easier than water, and it's not slimy like Gatorade. And even if it's psychosomatic, it gives me a little lift.

So one of the lovely PR people who works for the firm that sends me all the good info on the many reality TV shows I cover on Blogging Bravo and All Top Chef and occasionally here and on my fashion blog offered to send me samples of the new vitaminwater® flavor, connect. It's black cherry-lime and has 8 vitamins, zinc, and caffeine. And it's pretty good - it reminded both Mr Minx and myself of frozen cherry-flavored summertime fun. Fla-Vor-Ice for him, and Icees for me, although it's not half as sweet as either. If I'm in the market for flavored, nutrient-enhanced H20, I'll definitely try this flavor again. And as I will be walking my feet off all over New York in a couple of weeks, that's looking like a good opportunity to try this one again.

What do you think? Do you drink enhanced water products? Or do you prefer soft drinks?