Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Leftover Soup

The problem with going to H Mart is that we tend to get carried away with buying fresh produce. Three kinds of mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, bok choy, okra, two bunches of cilantro, two bunches of scallions, a daikon, a knob of celery root, two chayotes, and asparagus is a lot for two people to eat in a short period of time. One of the problems with H Mart is that the produce seems gorgeous, but it goes bad relatively quickly. In two days, the asparagus was not only squishy on the tips, but also moldy on the bottom. The broccoli  leaves turned yellow almost instantly, the okra got slimy, and the daikon went limp.

So what to do with broccoli stems, limp daikon, and lots of mushrooms? Plus some roast chicken that my MIL didn't want and leftover 8-treasure sticky-rice-stuffed duck from our latest excursion to Grace Garden?

Why, make soup, of course.

Mr Minx, aka the Soup Meister, is quite adept at throwing disparate ingredients together with some stock and coming up with a tasty soup. This was no exception. The duck and its stuffing made the soup taste long-cooked, with definite and heavy Asian influences. The broccoli and daikon were cooked a relatively short period of time so both retained a bit of crunch. Overall, a hearty dinner, full of flavors and textures, and great for a chilly, rainy, day.

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Dara Bunjon said...

I love soup, do you lend the soupmeister out?