Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oven-barbecued Ribs

Because my Mother-in-Law isn't as mobile as she used to be, we've been taking food to her house when we visit, rather than expecting her to cook or go out to eat. I like to prepare food Chez Minx so I only need to re-warm it once there (her kitchen is even smaller--with less counter space--than our puny galley).

We decided to pick up some meat for this weekend's visit on our recent pilgrimage to the H-Mart. Although the kidneys, pig ears, tripe, chicken gizzards, pork tongues, and black chicken all looked delectable (or not), we chose a pack of bone-in spare ribs, which I prepared the way my mama used to make ribs. To this day, I think most barbecue sauce recipes can be helped with a shot of lemon.

The package of ribs was pretty large (I didn't realize it was two layers deep) so in a smaller pan I made up a batch using the newish batch of black barbecue sauce I made a few weeks ago.

It all tasted good, but the ribs were leaner than I'd have liked so were a little on the dry side in some spots. The bigger pan came out a bit more tart than usual, and in my memory Mom's sauce was sweeter. Next time I may add a bit of brown sugar to compensate for the lemon. (I like lots of lemon.)

We served the ribs with rice and a vegetable medley comprising sugar snap peas, asparagus spears, and corn (both easy to heat in the microwave). I really should have thought to make cole slaw, because what goes better with ribs than slaw? But the thought somehow didn't cross my mind.

Despite my thinking the meat could have been better, we demolished all of it, except for one lone rib and some random chunks of lemon. Next time I may try this recipe with baby backs. And definitely slaw.

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