Friday, September 21, 2012

Eden Eats Baltimore

I don't know why I originally posted this so early, with the wrong date...either the first (of three I received) press release was incorrect, or I was simply confused. In any case, the Baltimore episode of Eden Eats airs tonight, September 21st at 10pm.

The Cooking Channel show, Eden Eats, features the somewhat (ok, very) annoying Eden Grinshpan eating her way around various cities. Come September 21st, she'll be working her way through Baltimore, eating at a bunch of obscure places. Here's the PR blurb:

Eden is in the diverse city of Baltimore, Maryland and has just 24 hours to eat her way around the globe! Her first stop is lunch at a Kenyan restaurant, followed by making dinner with two Ukrainian sisters, and sampling some Newari specialties at a Nepalese restaurant. Then it’s off to Lithuania for a late night snack and dancing! As the sun rises, Eden heads to a Bavarian chocolatier to satisfy her sweet tooth and a Peruvian restaurant for breakfast. Lastly, she learns how to make some rejuvenating Nigerian bitter leaf soup and winds down with some traditional music.

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